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Les membres V.I.P. affichent les mises à jours dans ce cadre
Pour ajouter une mise à jour, cliquez sur l'étoile dans les détails d'un lien

Why use Protection of


Save your time and that of all those who download your files!
Protect-URL included the following advantages ...

NEW SERVER LinkCheck Compatible on !
Checking broken links on is supported.
Be informed of an update on a title :
Add to favorites links to be informed of updates.
Useful for weekly titles and replacing invalid links.
Click Marker Manager
Vous pouvez You can now manage cookies Marker Click on the options in the top (MARKER)
Auto-detection of streaming videos for servers :
Youtube, Dailymotion, UploadHero, Purevid, Mixturecloud, Putlocker, Videoweed,
Nowvideo, Youwatch, Tagtélé, Minus, AlloCiné,

LINK DEMO - Utilities Detection of
Click (STREAM: Listen) to start playback
Auto-detection for folders files servers :,,,,,,,,,,,

LINK DEMO - Utilities Detection of
Click ( BROWSE) to open the folder
Auto-detection Trailers in Description :, AlloCiné.fr et
Detection with Streaming Link to the video in the box Desciption.
Auto-Detection Images in Description : .JPG .GIF .BMP .PNG
Detection for adding an image with a link .JPG in the box Desciption.
You can ban by domain names, by IP's range, and Country.
You can ban the domain name of an Internet access provider,
or by IP ranges IP's (255.255. *. * ), and now the Country.
Sorting by Hosting Favorite
You can now sorting a list of mirrors.
Click the favorite icon to hide the other host mirrors.


More than 222 Servers Supported for checking broken links:
List of compatible servers.    (Updated Weekly)     DOWN | UP | END | START

You can ban the domain name of the Internet service provider,
by IP's or ranges IP's (255.112.*.* - 255.116.*.*), and/or allow only specified countries.
Proxy are not allowed on your links when you have one or more IP banned.

  • PROTECT-ACCESS: (On/Off for each generated link)
    For your links is available only in Sites you have authorized.

  • LINK'S CHECKERS: (More than 130 Hosting supported)
    A verification utility included with all your links to check the availability of files.

  • NOTIFICATION: (On/Off in your profile)
    The possibility of a notification by email when your link is found invalid.

    System Logs for your links statistics with the ability to ban.

    There is a marker for each link that the user clicked. Useful for a large list.

    The detection of Streaming links for adding a player Stream (one click)

  • JDOWNLOADER LINK'S: (Disable to fight extreme Leeching, but you can enable it in creating or editing a link.)
    Add links to download managers like JDownloader, iGetter and others.
    This option under construction. is constantly developing, further improvements to be come!

    You no longer need to share multiple URLs with your friends, simply to a single URL.
    This is a great way to protect your links on the Internet and simplified management of your lists.

    Share your links safely and avoid to expose them. With Protect-URL you reduce the risk of removal or to be massively steal all your files.
    Yes .. You will save valuable time, with the option of notification by mail if one of your links is found invalid, you can cancel the notification in your account. The reports can be sent only once a week, and only if a link has been deleted. The notice is on the red icon of a missing file.

    You can protect one or more URL's within a single, with or without password. This is a sure way to protect your links from search engines, to moderate and share your links on various websites, such as blogs and other free services.

    When you use the link Protect-URL... If a service hosting deletes files (download without expiration), you will not need to change your link Protect-URL all over the internet, you just simply change the URL's from these files inside your link Protect-URL in "MY LINKS" and all these will be updated on the Internet.

    You can include additional settings to secure your link (Possibility to ban IP's or ranges, Public or Private, Deny or Allow download managers, Password, Anti-Robots, link checker, Notification of invalid links and other useful options). You can use to protect your personal page, pictures, videos and other private links. With links, you can add and remove links after you generated in your member area.


Do not send a links pointing on viruses, worms, phishing or otherwise attempt to interfere with our website, or users, if we found illegal activity in your account, we will block and delete your account. Please read our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy

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Protection tool for private links in hypertext format.

Its usefulness is to prevent search engines to access your personal data that are sent to public sites such as the blog's, comment boxes and forums. You can use to protect your personal page links, pictures, videos and other private links. The administrator, the domain and host from can not be held responsible for the use of its users. This service does not host any file, it does offer tools to limit access to undesirables users and is used as protection against search engines. If the link a user goes against your jurisdiction, please report it to the file hosting. - Internet privacy : offers an option that makes the links accessible only in the Allowed Sites, it gives you the ability to block access by IP's by Internet Service Provider, and Country! Your links ...Have never been so well protected.

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